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Japan’s Aging Society: Why is the Population Decreasing?

The nation's death count is double the country's birth rate. Japan's aging society is becoming a problem for its economy, social security safety nets, and potentially its culture.


Honne vs Tatemae: Japanese Concept of Self

The Japanese concept of ‘self’, honne (true feelings) and tatemae (public facade). The cultural significance and the balance between personal authenticity and societal expectations.


What Caused Japan's Wages to Stagnate for 30 Years?

Japan's wage landscape faces challenges due to traditional employment practices. Pressure is mounting for change as the cost of living rises.


Moving to Japan: An Essential Guide to Relocating

This is the essential guide for those thinking about moving to Japan. This answers the important questions you need to consider before migrating to Japan.


Nuisance Influencers in Japan: A Growing Dilemma

Japan faces a surge of YouTubers and influencers, engaging in disruptive, disrespectful behavior for views. These actions are causing regulatory concerns, while affecting social harmony.


Countermeasures to Overtourism in Japan: Focusing on Rural Japan

Japan's latest strategies to combat overtourism, where the focus shifts from bustling cities to serene rural landscapes. This article discusses ways that avoiding overtourism can rejuvenate rural Japan.


Is Japan Living in the Future? I'm Afraid Not

Japan boasts advanced technology yet grappling with economic stagnation and cultural resistance to change. To secure a prosperous future, embracing innovation, immigration, and political diversity is essential.


What Do Japanese Think of Foreign Tourists?

Japanese people are always welcoming and even though tourism is an important part of the nation’s economy, they can sometimes view foreign tourists as potentially troublesome.


Is Social Media Influencing Overtourism in Japan?

Investigating social media and Japan's tourism boom. How internet appeal leads to overtourism's painful reality. Japanese Instagram campaigns to YouTube storytelling and the global appeal for balanced digital promotion.


Japan's Overtourism: The Downside of Tourism High

Locally known as 'tourist pollution', overtourism puts pressure on local residents and caused issues with local businesses and infrastructure. Politicians are looking for a way out.