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What is the Goal of Romancing Japan?

The goal of this website is to provide readers with insight and information about culture, lifestyle, and travel that will interest those who either wish to travel or simply want to learn more about the country. Japan's culture has piqued the interest and attention of people all over the world by distinguishing itself as a distinct cultural identity. Coming to Japan can provide many surprises as a unique culture, which can often result in culture shock. Gaining an understanding of life in Japan, whether you are preparing for travel or studying the language, is a positive move. This website should serve as a resource for all things Japanese, including travel, lifestyle, pop culture, and local experiences.

Introducing the Creator of Romancing Japan

My name is James Saunders-Wyndham, and I'm an Australian living in Kyoto, Japan. I have been living in Japan almost half my life. I started out as a high school exchange student in Aichi Prefecture, and I grew up to live in Japan permanently. For a long time I had been toying with the idea of creating online content to inform others about the country I've come to call home. In 2021 I began playing with the idea of learning to build websites. I learned to code and discovered I loved programming. Since I love living in Japan, I decided to merge my two interests, and thus Romancing Japan was born. This website has evolved into a passion project. I have poured a lot of effort and time into building this site. I hope that you enjoy our website and the articles we post about all things Japan.

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Content You Can Expect From Romancing Japan

At Romancing Japan, we provide a curated selection of content designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of Japan. We aim for 90% of all images are taken by us to provide the best original content. Dive into comprehensive guides on moving and living in Japan, which cover everything from visa processes to daily cultural nuances. Explore our travel sections that uncover both famed and hidden gems of Japan, offering unique insights for every adventurer. Additionally, our culture articles delve deep into traditional and modern Japanese lifestyles, exploring topics from the significance of manga to the complexities of social interactions through concepts like honne and tatemae. Each piece is crafted to enrich your knowledge and inspire your journey into Japan's heart.

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