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Houses for Sale in Japan: The Foreigner's Guide

Everything you need to know about buying a house in Japan as a foreigner. Our guide covers real estate prices, market trends, legal aspects, and more.

Japan’s Aging Society: Why is the Population Decreasing?

The nation's death count is double the country's birth rate. Japan's aging society is becoming a problem for its economy, social security safety nets, and potentially its culture.

What Caused Japan's Wages to Stagnate for 30 Years?

Japan's wage landscape faces challenges due to traditional employment practices. Pressure is mounting for change as the cost of living rises.

Moving to Japan: An Essential Guide to Relocating

This is the essential guide for those thinking about moving to Japan. This answers the important questions you need to consider before migrating to Japan.

Living In Japan Vs Visiting Japan: The Key Differences?

Some people fall in love with Japan. And some of these people may decide to move to Japan. However, visiting Japan is a very different experience than living in Japan.

Is Japan Living in the Future? I'm Afraid Not

Japan boasts advanced technology yet grappling with economic stagnation and cultural resistance to change. To secure a prosperous future, embracing innovation, immigration, and political diversity is essential.

Understanding The Japanese Residence Card System for Foreign Nationals

The Japanese Residence Card is an official document that validates one's resident status in Japan. This guide sheds light on the importance and practical application of the card for those living in Japan.

Breaking Down the Cost of Living in Japan: An Information Guide

A guide to the rising cost of living in Japan, including expenses, housing, food, transportation, healthcare, and education. Understand the financial dynamics of living in Japan.